In our team, who dreamed and built this hotel, there is a highly respected hotelier, who is the director of a few hundred-rooms hotel at the riverside of the Danube, there is an economist professor and there is a writer, a successful author of a dozen children books. Despite of many of our differences, we are common in one thing, that we are enthusiastic to create something exceptional for the people’s pleasure. This unique and amazing hotel was born from this dedication.

There were no time and effort spared to build the eight rooms of the hotel in a hundred-year old historic building in the most beautiful part of the city centre. Each room is unique and unrepeatable. A world famous interior designer designed a modern but very comfortable interior into this industrial milieu. The rooms carry the characteristics of a classic loft with high ceilings, brick walls and large panoramic windows.

Come and visit us, enjoy our quiet rooms right in the middle of this big city, the luxurious comfort and the professional, but especially friendly service. Be part of an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

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