Budapest. It is a hardly pronounceable word for most of the visitors who doesn’t speak Hungarian. Those, who has already been here there is an unworldly smile on their face, when they say the name of this amazing city, because they must smile as they recall the miracles of opposites. The noise of the abounding metropolitan avenues, but nearby – with some walk – beautiful antique buildings can be found with so much silent tales. As the hills of Buda pay attention with dignity to the far running plain of Pest. A two millions city, but the citizens are waiting for the guests with village charm. As a Lamborghini stops at the traffic light next to a chariot. Wild partying in the night and real peace during daytime by the riverside of the biggest river of Europe. East and West meet here, so it would be too sad missing the best adventure of your life. Say the word Budapest, come to us, you surely find will the smile.