Our Location. The hotel is just in the geometrical centre of the city, but in addition to that, everything what makes Budapest to a magnetic target can be reached by walk. It is easily accessible by public transport, all of the metro lines, buses and trams are within 100 meters. The biggest shopping and pedestrian street of Budapest is near the hotel, where in different times of the year – eg before Christmas – markets and concerts creates special mood. The riverside of the Danube, the unforgettable view to the Castle of Buda, and the nine different styled bridges of Budapest are in 10-minute walk. Beside the river to north you can find the Parliament, Europe’s second biggest legislative building. Budapest is extraordinarily rich in museums, most of these collections and exhibition places – eg the National Museum or the Museum of Fine Arts – are around our hotel within one-two kilometres. In the hotel’s district dozens of art galleries and antique shops offer unique products. The Inner-city, as the residents called, waiting for the guests with eclectic sight of buildings. The St. Stephen’s Basilica and The Great Synagogue are standing in the centre of the town in natural harmony with the hundred-year old ornate sculpture buildings and the hypermodern, full of glass five stars hotels.

Our district is the culinary centre of Budapest with two Michelin-star restaurants and hundreds of excellent restaurants, coffee shops, pastry shops with fair prices. You can find local specialities as well as all of the cuisines of the world, from the Thai foods to the American fast food restaurants. In ten-minute walk you can find the newest and maybe the most appealing attraction of Budapest, the “Bulinegyed”, the Party District, one of the most desirable destination of the world. Hundreds of restaurants, nightclubs, coffee shops, concert halls, exhibition halls were opened in the old Jewish District’s empty buildings and streets exceptional atmosphere. I you want to relax, have fun or party, these places are waiting for you day and night.

And plus one reason why you don’t want to miss to visit us: Tom Hanks, who had a long shooting in Budapest, wrote to his Twitter: that this beautiful city is as safe for everyone day and night as he never seen before in the world”. We are waiting for you, and we will show it all!